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Monday, August 26, 2013

We've got a lot of music in the app - let's start with the most local, Hayle boy Joff Ryan

Joff Ryan, a Hayle boy, wrote this song about his dad's love for his boat, the Nancy Lee & his trips on the boat with his dad.  Joff recorded it while playing guitar with wife Jill on melodeon. 

Hayle Harbour

My father was a farmer, he tilled the soil all his life
He loved my mother but had another love in his life

She took him away, took him away, took him away

Half-tide in Hayle harbour, Nancy Lee lies in the sun
Under the viaduct she lies under the gaze of everyone

She took him away....

Row out of Penpol Creek to where the water is deep and wide
Raise the jib and raise the main and pull the tiller to your side

And bear away....

Now we're sailing heeling over on a starboard tack
Kindrance Quay is fast approaching, Carnsew Pool is at our back
Ready about ... ready about lee ho, ready about lee ho

Port tack to Couch's ferry, leave the weir and the works astern
Head for the breakers on the Bar but there's danger here we learn

Then you're out in the Bay... out in the Bay, St. Ives Bay

Just a boy was I, out sailing with his dad,
Spinning mackeral for the pot, no better time was ever had

She took us away.... took us away... took us away

He's flying over Hayle Harbour in his dreams I know
He's flying over Hayle Harbour

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