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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hayle Churks App testing download info

If you'd like to test the free Hayle Churks app please could you email me at: hayle[dot]history[at]btconnect[dot]com and I'll email you the download instructions.  I will only use your email to send you the download details and the questionnaire. 
To try out the app you need to have an iPhone.  I know that's annoying but it's a large app & android phones have less memory BUT it should work on an iPad and also possibly on a new/ latest model of Android phone. I'd love to know which android phone you try it on and whether it works well! 
If not having the right device is a problem email me or pop in & see me at Hayle Heritage Centre during its opening on Friday 30th August & Saturday 31st August. 
There are also notes about the app on the Hayle History Facebook page. 
A note about the app -
a.    The app is not a tour, it’s a walk that reveals stories & memories from this landscape that can be deeply personal rather than full of historical detail & facts.  
b.   The app is not really suitable for young children.  Some stories include adult themes & there are a couple of words that some people may find offensive. 

The app starts at the entrance (or inside) Hayle Heritage Centre in Foundry

 and goes along Penpol Terrace, over the old bridge, along North Quay, skirts around the edge of the Towans & old power station, back along North Quay, along King George V walk, Black Road, Commercial Road back to the bridge.  It may take around two hours or more or less, dependng on your speed & how much you like to dawdle or look at the photos!  Clearly you don't have to do it all at once and there are lots of cafes (along Penpol Terrace & Commercial Road) as well as a well positioned one by the swimming pool between North Quay & King George V Walk!   
Thank you

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