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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

This is me accepting the award last week for the Hayle Churks app I created and the memories from the Hayle Oral History Project that it grew out of.  I know I look incredibly goofy but I was just so very happy that Hayle won!  This is what the Collections Trust said, 'Hayle Oral History Project won the Collections on a Budget Award and its £500 prize, for its Hayle Churcks mobile phone app. The judges said it was “a really commendable project, and a very good example of what can be achieved with collections on a limited budget”.  
 Thank you again all who helped win this for Hayle - all of you who were interviewed and shared your memories and let us or Hayle Community Archive scan your photos. Thank you to all Hayle Oral History Project (HOHP) volunteers who made sure these memories were captured through interviews then transcribed, edited etc..  Thank you to Heritage Lottery Fund for providing the funding for the project and my post as coordinator for the original Hayle Oral history Project 2009 - 2011 and for the All Our Voices fund that paid for publishing etc.. of the app in December 2013.  Thank you also to our pals at Hayle Archive, Cornish Record Library, Cornwall Council & other local and national archives (with a special mention to Imperial War Museum) for all your support with providing photos and maps and other local organisations such as Harvey's Foundry Trust, Hayle Day Care Centre, Cornish Mining World Heritage Site, Hayle Town Council etc... for all your support in different ways.  And thank you to those involved in the app, especially for the AppFurnace software that I used to make the app http://appfurnace.com/ and the expertise and support by the staff at Calvium.  For more info about the award please look at: http://www.collectionstrust.org.uk/ct-awards/2014.The photo was taken by Greg Sigston.

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