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Friday, August 9, 2013

Hayle Interactive Story Machine at Hayle Heritage Centre on Saturday 31st August

There are a few things to get involved in at the Hayle Heritage Centre opening involving oral histories/ us! http://www.hayleheritagecentre.org.uk/ The Churks iPhone app will be available to try. Keep an eye here on how to download it before you come to the centre over your wifi while comfy at home. Lucy will be in the Hayle Heritage Centre all day on Saturday 31st August to help you with app questions/ downloading etc.. The app will be on iTunes from 2014 but right now it's a test edition and you will need to download the free AppFurnace Player from iTunes to download it (which is an easy process). You will need to walk to experience the app - it starts in Foundry Square by the Hayle Heritage Centre, goes down Penpol Terrace and involves going over the bridge and along North Quay and King George V Memorial Walk. Of course you can do bits at a time/ different days. Lucy will also have the Hayle Interactive Story Machine in Hayle Heritage Centre on Saturday 31st August to share with you! You will be asked to choose a place in Hayle that has a special personal significance to you. You will then select a pin and place it in the Hayle map to show where your story is located. You will then record your story associated with the place, the location you chose to place your pin. And, there will also be a way to see what questions people asked Hayle residents and those visiting Hayle https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hayle-History/175040162568273. You have the opportunity to give your answers and to ask other questions.

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