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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Questions you may be able to answer about people, places and the history of the Hayle area

We get many questions from people as they try to track down family, know more about buildings in the Hayle Area, or objects made in Hayle. If you have a question post it here and please have a look to see if you can answer any questions. Some questions we would like the answers for are:
1. When was the Hayle training Corps started? Does anyone remember the No. 1834 Hayle Squadron?
2. Who made the many stained glass windows in Hayle?
3. What is the history & significance behind Ladysmith Gardens?
4. Does anyone remember the Water Pageant that took place in the year of the coronation?
5. Why were so many buildings knocked down in Hayle in the 1980s?
6. Where can people try to trace their Hayle area family?


chy mor said...

I did some research on the name Ladysmith Gardens to see if I could find its provenance.
I contacted Brian Sullivan and he confirmed that his evidence was purely anecdotal. He had no confirmation other than verbal reports that the Drs. Mudge had gifted the land to the town council.

I stopped by the council offices and examined the deeds. Alas, the land was transferred to the Hayle Parish Council from the Great Western Railway Company on 6 November 1940 for the sum of £15 (=£540 today) – a fairly hefty price for the size of land (9.5 perches) so it was not a gift. [1 acre = 160 perches. 9.5 perches=0.059375 acres. Cost per acre=~£9,000 in today’s money]

Also, there is no reference to Ladysmith Gardens on the document.

I cannot imagine any scenario whereby the land would have gone from the Mudges to GWR with the intention of it being a memorial gardens. The most likely scenario is that it was railway land dating back to the 1850s or earlier, although why the council would want to acquire that piece is unclear.

I also spoke with other Hayle residents and no one can remember the name being used before the war and when pressed can't remember the name being used for more than the last 8-10 years.
It would be interesting to know who gave it that name but it is definitely in recent years.
John Bennett

chy mor said...

The Town Council has in the past considered trying to restore Copperhouse Pool to a state that would permit the Regatta to take place again and to make other water activities more enjoyable.
It is clear that there would be resistance from Natural England (SSSI) and from the RSPB.
More importantly, the removal of any of the accumulated silt and sludge would be opposed by the Environment Agency on the grounds that it would have to be treated.
In the process of looking at this we have been repeatedly told that there has been no silting up of the pool. This seems to fly in the face of evidence from long-time residents who do not recall reeds growing at the east end of the pool. Also, it is hard to imagine a regatta taking place when the depth of the water is only a few inches - as it is now on the northern side.
Can anyone remember taking part in a regatta and whether there were issues with depth such as oars touching the bottom?
John Bennett

Greyman said...

Re question {1}
If this refers to 24f squadron, ATC, I was a member in 1958 along with John Buchanan { now a well known local potter} and Flt Sgt "Pussy" pellow.
Recently sold a "spew" bag obtained on a flight in a chipmonk trainer while on a camp at RAF St. Eval,the Canadian collector who bought this and various badges was thrilled as his grandfather had flown from St.Eval during WW2.

Hayle Oral History Project said...

Re: No. 1834 (Hayle) Squadron/ 24F squadron ATC - do you have any photos wearing your squadron uniform? Does anyone or their father remember the No/. 1834 (Hayle) Squadron? if so where did they meet? Does anyone know when it began? Thank you.

Lindus said...

found a couple photographs of 24f squadron members at St.Eval camp,small but brings back mem's of dog collar RAF uniforms and material so rough that it would polish wood.

Roy Lindus said...

PC Wherry...what a man,did what the police should, scared the daylights out of us!!!. We never quite knew where he was so were very cautious as his stern approach,fear of our parents finding out and the "Cuff" many felt form this splendid Police constable.

Roy Lindus said...

Does anyone remember the man who came every summer to the Towans,set up with his accordian and sang Hymns...."MR Sunshine" by stage name.

We all sat around while families supplied ice cream and buns,he sold various religious items but mainly entertained the Cove Cafe area.

Sad that today it would not be possble for any of that to happen.

Roy Lindus said...

Barrels of Wine & Lifeboat rations.

Do you remember the contraband washed up on the Towans beach,my Father came in from a fishing night thrilled to bits, he had found a sealed tin containing fifty Players Navy cut Cig's...............